Trade your books and audio books

Do you think it's a shame that most books are only read once and then
just set dust for an eternity in a bookshelf?
Are you someone who reads many books but would rather not know how much they cost over time?
This portal offers the solution to exactly these problems.

With you can digitilize your book collection and exchange them with other users.

If you want to:

  • only meet for the rapid exchange of books in your area
  • exchange books by post or
  • offer a constantly changing selection of books as a hostel/hotel.

There is something for everyone here.
Begin by searching for your books so you can offer them to other users.

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How it works

1. Offer your books

Search for books you want to give away. Use the search function or the barcode scanner of the app.

2. Receive Requests

Receive Requests from other users. You can decide if you want to gift your books or trade them for other books or coins.

3. Trade books

Trade your books by sending them by post. You can also trade them by meeting up if you live nearby.

4. Ask for books

Ask others for books and use your points to trade them.

Android App

Check out the andoid app and just scan in your books with a barcode scanner:

Android app on Google-Play

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