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348 Coincidence! Among Myself and Dan Brown

From Aydin Turkgucu

Book Informations

  • Released: 2022-01-08
  • Pages: 112
  • Language: en
  • ISBN-10:9756861185
  • ISBN-13:9789756861189


348 Coincidence! Among Myself and Dan Brown I have been writing books about the interaction of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence-Based universe model with beliefs, and the future of this model as well as giving seminars as a computer programmer since 1995. Therefore, with the aim of forging a link between the beliefs of humans and science & technology, I have developed discourses specific to me that are based on new knowledge and experiences. I broke new grounds with the new methods that I brought in the world of books. My books which had press and media coverage for its original contents received positive feedbacks from the relevant experts as well. My last four books written since 2009 were translated into English and were published. My readers who read Dan Brown’s novel “Origin” published on October 3, 2017 called me and said “We were under the impression that we were reading your books while reading ‘Origin’ novel of Dan Brown.” Thereupon, I purchased the book. I was shocked when I read the constituent elements of my original works for which I own the copyright. I quickly realized crucial similarities in regard to purpose and fiction of the book, pattern of the stories, characters, the scenes used, the celebrities featured, findings and predictions. This comparison revealed over 300 similarities which made me deduce the emergence of copyright infringement. In my research, I learnt from the news published in October 2017 that a plagiarism lawsuit was commenced against Dan Brown for his novel “Da Vinci Code”. In other words, I was not the first injured party. Dan Brown divorced Blythe Brown, his wife of 21 years and his pillar pf support in 2019. Blythe Brown asserted on June 30, 2020 She learnt the truth after getting divorced and “He concealed his life full of lies in the US, Europe and Caribbean.” Furthermore, 'I trusted this man for decades as my life's love. We worked so hard together, struggling to build something meaningful... I don't recognise the man that Dan has become.IT IS TIME TO REVEAL HIS DECEIT AND BETRAYAL. AFTER SO MUCH PAIN, IT IS TIME FOR TRUTH. IT IS TIME TO RIGHT THESE WRONGS.’ I learnt she will sue for damages. I care about these statements of Bylthe considerably, because their divorce suits that ended with infidelity brought out the flams which were unlikely to be discovered. His infidelitywas to his ex-wife Bylthe. What did Bylthe mean with “DECEIT”? What might be the “DECEIT” of a worldwide known author? Either reproduction without permission(plagiarism) or well-hidden negative perception methods. May be both of them. I did not think about another possibility. This plagiarism claims in the same article of Tom Leonard dated July 2, 2020 by Bylthe Brown, herself. "Having repeatedly denied plagiarism claims, Brown said in 2017: 'You can say you hate my book but don't say I'm a liar or a cheater.' Yet his ex-wife is now alleging he is both of these" The aim of this book is (1)to present the readers the bilateral likeness table with 348 items that compare Dan Brown’s “Origin” book published in 2017 and my articles and videos, and ask their opinions (2)to indicate why Dan Brown had to quote, in light of his explanations before and during the writing process of “Origin” and after its publication. My intention was not to offend Dan Brown or the publishing house, therefore I did my best to settle the matter with consensus. I hadn’t taken legal action, yet. In addition, I hadn’t announced press and media the process of claiming my right which would last about three years and gain worldwide attention. I think of commencing the lawsuit process after your possible contributions to the information and documents shared in this book. Aydin Turkgucu 2015-2017 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee




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